Electronica & Downtempo – 82 Tracks Download – 13.10.2020

AudioBricks – Mischeavous Bugs [Aubio Records]
Avalanche Death – Plethora [The Ambient Zone]
Azanda – Dreams (Avicii Tribute) [SpacedOut Studios Entertainment]
B-Dos – Reign [Aa]
Basics On Lounge – Slowdown [Stereoheaven]
Beca – Calm Before the Storm [BECA]
Beolost – Eyes of the Beholder [Future Cosmetiq]
Beolost – Selfless [Future Cosmetiq]
Boge – Get There [Night Owl Music]
Brian Ferris – Wachtraum (Instrumental Mix) [Nastytunez]
Brian Ferris – Wachtraum [Nastytunez]
Bruna Sauer – Beautiful [Tranquility Sounds]
Bruna Sauer – Body [Tranquility Sounds]
Bruna Sauer – Cloud Burst [Tranquility Sounds]
Bruna Sauer – Cosmic [Tranquility Sounds]
Bruna Sauer – Drifting Away [Tranquility Sounds]
Bruna Sauer – Harmony [Tranquility Sounds]
Bruna Sauer – Nature [Tranquility Sounds]
Bruna Sauer – Paradise [Tranquility Sounds]
Bruna Sauer – Spiritual Healing [Tranquility Sounds]
Bruna Sauer – Sublime Space [Tranquility Sounds]
Bruna Sauer – Tibet [Tranquility Sounds]
Bruna Sauer – Victory [Tranquility Sounds]
Bruna Sauer – Waves [Tranquility Sounds]
Bruna Sauer – Whistle [Tranquility Sounds]
Cash Andrein – Vega’s Dinner (Cocktail Mix) [Pizza Tunait]
Francois Du Sterpar – White Marbella [Pizza Tunait]
Gerry Goodfish – U [Pizza Tunait]
Giovanni Lucchetti – Time [Pizza Tunait]
MT Farre – Done Me Wrong [Pizza Tunait]
CEV’s – AbraCADaba [Transcendance Music]
CEV’s – San (Synare Remix) [Transcendance Music]
CEV’s – San [Transcendance Music]
Cory Halfblack – I Got You Thinking [Ham Factory Records]
Damirat – Ankersteng [dingn,dents]
Damirat – Apolotimex [dingn,dents]
Damirat – Desikerungk [dingn,dents]
Damirat – Phrotamisy [dingn,dents]
Damirat – Wetbetung [dingn,dents]
HOOVER1 – Hoover1-4B
KAMM – La Luna (Original Mix) [Circus Company]
Pearly Drops – Make Water [FEF Corp.]
Phineas McClintock – Fast Signals [Tajna Musica]
Pose Dia – A Gap in the Step [Bureau B 1]
Pose Dia – At the Beach [Bureau B 1]
Pose Dia – Cloud [Bureau B 1]
Pose Dia – Get up High [Bureau B 1]
Pose Dia – Harvest III [Bureau B 1]
Pose Dia – How to Find the Exit in Case of Fire [Bureau B 1]
Pose Dia – Infinity Pool [Bureau B 1]
Pose Dia – Phrase Paraphrase [Bureau B 1]
Pose Dia – Scanner [Bureau B 1]
Pose Dia – Smoz Opera [Bureau B 1]
Pose Dia – Spacerine [Bureau B 1]
Pose Dia – Walking Running [Bureau B 1]
ProJect Aspect – Purple Sherb [MHSM Records]
Protone – Crufty [Dissident Sound]
Protone – Krystaline [Dissident Sound]
Protone – Mechanisms [Dissident Sound]
Protone – Twiddle [Dissident Sound]
Raids – Parmelan [Terror Corp]
Rasenk & Pobvio – Anty [Salviatek]
Rasenk & Pobvio – Bailando – La Energía (Instrumental) [Salviatek]
Rasenk & Pobvio – Bailando – La Energía [Salviatek]
Rene Lorenzo – Four Ways [Seven Villas Voyage]
Rene Lorenzo – Isla [Seven Villas Voyage]
Rene Lorenzo – New Era [Seven Villas Voyage]
Rene Lorenzo – Pinofranqueado [Seven Villas Voyage]
Rene Lorenzo – Product of Society [Seven Villas Voyage]
Rene Lorenzo – Stellar Journey [Seven Villas Voyage]
Rene Lorenzo – Sublime Places [Seven Villas Voyage]
Resistance – Sans discothèque… Pas de fête ! (Club Edit) [Futureplay]
Sepehr – Artificiality
Sepehr – Darklord
Sepehr – Duplicate
Sepehr – Izadi
Toh Imago – Bagatelle Monorail (Original Mix)
Toh Imago – Baie D’Authie (Original Mix)
Toh Imago – Crepuscule Dune (Original Mix)
Toh Imago – Hotel Regina (Original Mix)
Toh Imago – Opalis FM (Original Mix)

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