Melodic House & Techno – 161 Tracks Download – 14.10.2020

A · Tonic – Faith in Ashes [MyPrimus Records]
A · Tonic – Falling Shapes [MyPrimus Records]
Andrea Felice – Hello World (VayFlor & S-Jay Soprano remix) [Somma Records]
Andrea Felice – Hello World [Somma Records]
Aryon – Koyu [Rhyme & Hype Records]
Aryon – Monk [Rhyme & Hype Records]
Aryon – Pers [Rhyme & Hype Records]
Asture – Shinigami [Feynman Records]
Boma – Golden Cage [DataTech]
Carlo Whale – Melancholia [Manual Music]
Carlo Whale – Wonder [Manual Music]
Cut Off – Migration [Wold Records]
Cut Off – Opia [Wold Records]
D Edge Knight – Dangerous Life [Trip Records]
D Edge Knight – Diadema [Trip Records]
D Edge Knight – Double Vision [Trip Records]
D Edge Knight – Neutral [Trip Records]
D Edge Knight – The Sender [Trip Records]
D Edge Knight – Under the Skin [Trip Records]
David Sattva – Aqua Sulis [1101 Records]
David Sattva – Sol Invictus [1101 Records]
David Sattva – Terra Nostra [1101 Records]
David Sattva – Ventus Impetus [1101 Records]
Deraout & GenM – The THC Code (Ambient Mix) [GenM]
FaderX, Zheno & Nik Wiza – Opportunity [DOORN RECORDS]
Fatih Makul – Another World [Main Records]
Felix Ayerza – Didgeridoo [Condor Tunes]
Felix Ayerza – Hygge [Condor Tunes]
Felix Ayerza – King of Mess [Condor Tunes]
Felix Ayerza – Leprusia [Condor Tunes]
Felix Ayerza – Lookback (feat. Maanca) [Condor Tunes]
Felix Ayerza – Lyso [Condor Tunes]
Felix Ayerza – Radical Horizons [Condor Tunes]
Four Hands – Inner Storm [Dear Deer Black]
Four Hands – Wasted Wonders [Dear Deer Black]
Giuliano Stelea – Next Level [Wejustman Records]
H501L – Moving to the Fringe of Forest [Musica Machina Records]
H501L – Stepping in and out of the Crooked Beats from the Giacomo Elettrodo Radioshows [Musica Machina Records]
H501L – The Magnificent [Musica Machina Records]
Igor Pumphonia – Space and Time [ChillRecordsMusic]
Jasmine Sihenne – Ijaru [Eleveh Records]
Jose Maria Ramon, William Medagli & Thallulah – Canto Ancestrale (Exhile Remix) [Krafted Underground]
Jose Maria Ramon, William Medagli & Thallulah – Canto Ancestrale (OIBAF&WALLEN Remix) [Krafted Underground]
Jose Maria Ramon, William Medagli & Thallulah – Canto Ancestrale (Rafa’EL Remix) [Krafted Underground]
Jose Maria Ramon, William Medagli & Thallulah – Canto Ancestrale [Krafted Underground]
K Studio – Music is Logical [29 Tech]
K Studio – Petersburg [29 Tech]
Kenny Kelly – About Us [Estribo Records]
Kenny Kelly – She Want’s [Estribo Records]
Kerem Selek – Galaxy Cowboys [Atmospherica]
Kerem Selek – Zenith [Atmospherica]
La Giang – Destination Unknown [Remodel Records]
La Giang – Different Places [Remodel Records]
La Giang – Shibuya Crossing [Remodel Records]
Letaem – Lost Memory [Tech People Music]
Mark Hoffen – Oph (4AM Late Mix) [Sinners]
Mark Hoffen – Oph (Short Version) [Sinners]
Mark Hoffen – Oph [Sinners]
Monograph & Marcus Caballero – Fenomeno [Deepwibe Underground]
Monograph & Marcus Caballero – Huracan [Deepwibe Underground]
Monograph & Marcus Caballero – Pesadilla [Deepwibe Underground]
Montanelli Leonardo – Black Night [RED CHANNEL RECORDS]
Montanelli Leonardo – Summer Vision [RED CHANNEL RECORDS]
Muffin Killa – 24h Bandsaw [Raise Recordings]
Muffin Killa – Growl [Raise Recordings]
Nathan Gilkinet – Android [Kinetic Recordings]
Nathan Gilkinet – Chiffon [Kinetic Recordings]
Nathan Gilkinet – Ernest [Kinetic Recordings]
Nathan Gilkinet – Flux [Kinetic Recordings]
Nathan Gilkinet – Induction [Kinetic Recordings]
Nathan Gilkinet – Sphere [Kinetic Recordings]
Nathan Gilkinet – Static [Kinetic Recordings]
Nathan Gilkinet – Vortex [Kinetic Recordings]
Nikola Melnikov & Max Sorokin – Gods of Halls (Extended Mix) [Anjunadeep]
Nikola Melnikov & Max Sorokin – Gods of Halls [Anjunadeep]
Nikola Melnikov & Max Sorokin – Sphinx (Extended Mix) [Anjunadeep]
Nikola Melnikov & Max Sorokin – Sphinx [Anjunadeep]
Nikola Melnikov & Max Sorokin – Zosmo (Extended Mix) [Anjunadeep]
Nikola Melnikov & Max Sorokin – Zosmo [Anjunadeep]
Nu Revision – Dusk (Sloj. Remix) [ThreeRecords]
Nu Revision – Dusk [ThreeRecords]
Nu Revision – Hunter (Janosch Marek Edit) [ThreeRecords]
Nu Revision – Hunter [ThreeRecords]
Nu Revision – Purple Skies (Black Space Remix) [ThreeRecords]
Nu Revision – Purple Skies (Felix E Remix) [ThreeRecords]
Nu Revision – Purple Skies [ThreeRecords]
Phaker – Curious (LANGBARD Remix) [6913 Digital]
Phaker – Curious [6913 Digital]
Rami Imam – Good Morning Senor Ronnie [MOODA PONDA]
Redned – Artwork [DaCosta Records]
REFFEL – Paradise [Playtech]
Roger Vasha – Mars [911 Recordings]
Roger Vasha – Venus [911 Recordings]
Sascha Kloeber – Sold and Hold [Funkelt]
Seige – Apogee [Puro Recording]
Semsa Bilge – Bogoh (vocal mix) [Pitch Track]
Semsa Bilge – Bogoh [Pitch Track]
Simon Rose – Bio Test V5.6 AI [Whole Story Factory]
Souldust & Bigasti – Changing Aces (2020 Revision) [trndmsk]
t-Zhuk – Cold [Ideological]
t-Zhuk – Desert Road [Ideological]
t-Zhuk – This Happen Again [Ideological]
The Runaway – Exodus (Extended Mix) [1952 Records]
Unick GR – Atmos (feat. Rzrhd) [Fishtone Records]
AM.I – Requiem for a Nightmare [State Of Techno Recordings]
Ara – Birdsong [State Of Techno Recordings]
Bleckson – In Motion (Andrew Éclat Remix) [State Of Techno Recordings]
Bryan Alva – Night Mare [State Of Techno Recordings]
Cary Crank – Dance with Me (Abel Blanes Remix) [State Of Techno Recordings]
Collin Stone – I Love You [State Of Techno Recordings]
David Suono – High Guy (Club Edition) [State Of Techno Recordings]
Doncler – Backdoor [State Of Techno Recordings]
Eisenberger – Imagination [State Of Techno Recordings]
Gaioski – Space [State Of Techno Recordings]
Green Lake Project – One Hopeful Day [State Of Techno Recordings]
Hidir Akyuz – Different Worlds (Radio Mix) [State Of Techno Recordings]
Hrodgar – Crystalbell [State Of Techno Recordings]
Jan Smitmans – Anima (PLAXO Remix) [State Of Techno Recordings]
Jannik Meyer – Concession (Sundrej Zohar Remix) [State Of Techno Recordings]
Lorenzo Baroni – Wirlick [State Of Techno Recordings]
M.Junior & Bolotin – Nostromo [State Of Techno Recordings]
Martinero – S.D. [State Of Techno Recordings]
Mauro Ghess – Pushing (Monostone Remix) [State Of Techno Recordings]
Mondmann – Citizen One (Mario Kassar Remix) [State Of Techno Recordings]
nocoolkid – Good Morning [State Of Techno Recordings]
Nosense – White Lights [State Of Techno Recordings]
Palus – Choir [State Of Techno Recordings]
Rene E-Dul – Catacombs (Thomas Beyer Remix) [State Of Techno Recordings]
Rinnstrøm & Cain – Bell Voyage (Tobias Hoermann Remix) [State Of Techno Recordings]
Ronzono – New Era [State Of Techno Recordings]
Sand im Ohr – Cube [State Of Techno Recordings]
Sergio Wos – All Right (Frank Garcia Remix) [State Of Techno Recordings]
Silvio Petrich & Somaphon – Into the Forest [State Of Techno Recordings]
Simon Jaxx – Arche Noah [State Of Techno Recordings]
Simone Santagati – Aequilibrium [State Of Techno Recordings]
Stephan Gregor – Im Only Sleeping [State Of Techno Recordings]
Suena – Narcotica [State Of Techno Recordings]
while_e – Luna [State Of Techno Recordings]
WiLL Hassegawa – Trassor [State Of Techno Recordings]
Alexey Seleznev – Serenity (Radio mix) [DOD Music Record]
Assem & Kareem Zadd – Black Out [DOD Music Record]
GLF – Difference [DOD Music Record]
Jondale – Gray [DOD Music Record]
Lello B. – The Tunnel Room [DOD Music Record]
Looking For A Key – Everest [DOD Music Record]
Looking For A Key – Initialization [DOD Music Record]
Looking For A Key – Star Dome [DOD Music Record]
Manuel Crow – Weird [DOD Music Record]
Matt Manser – Sapience [DOD Music Record]
NuD3P – We Could Be Anything (2020 Version) [DOD Music Record]
Renato Avallone – Dark [DOD Music Record]
Selfart – Desirous [DOD Music Record]
Vincci – Coming Home [Dantze]
Xilef – Mind the Gap [Ganzer Takt]
Xilef – Northern Lights [Ganzer Takt]
Yamaraj & Ysquar3 – Badmind (Extended Mix) [RaveUp Alley]
Yamaraj & Ysquar3 – Badmind [RaveUp Alley]
Zenmorg – Bej O’ [Lake District Records]
Zenmorg – Don’t Tell Me Go Home [Lake District Records]
Zenmorg – Grigi [Lake District Records]
Zenmorg – Sunset [Lake District Records]

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