VA – Dark Side of the Galaxy (Themes for the 4th)

VA - Dark Side of the Galaxy (Themes for the 4th)ARTIST: Various
RELEASE TITLE: Dark Side of the Galaxy (Themes for the 4th)
LABEL: Nevadun Records
GENRES: Dance / Electro Pop
RELEASE DATE: 2021-04-30
QUALITY: 320 Kbps


  1. Waves Grey – Star Wars Main Theme (Waves Grey EDM Remix)109 B♭ maj 3:17
  2. H4N SW0L0 – The Imperial March (H4N SW0L0 Midtempo Bass Remix)102 G maj 3:27
  3. 3N3MI – Cantina Band (3N3MI Dubstep Remix)67 D min 2:53
  4. SEE-3PO – Binary Sunset (The Force Theme) (SEE-3PO Hardstyle Remix)91 G♭ min 4:06
  5. Kylo Walker – Duel of the Fates (Kylo Walker Trance Remix)80 G maj 3:59
  6. Hans Harris – Battle of the Heroes (Hans Harris Synthwave Remix)90 D min 2:43
  7. Chill Pandaren – Star Wars Main Theme (Chill Pandaren Lo-Fi Remix)110 F maj 2:19
  8. Zen AF – The Imperial March (Zen AF Lo-Fi Remix)95 G min 2:46
  9. Black Lotus – Cantina Band (Black Lotus Lo-Fi Remix)100 D min 2:38
  10. Shade Solo – Binary Sunset (The Force Theme) (Shade Solo Lo-Fi Hip Hop Mix)90 C min 2:19

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