Traxsource Top 100 Tracks Soulful House December 2021

Traxsource Top 100 Tracks Soulful House December 2021
Download Traxsource Top 100 Tracks Soulful House December 2021
RELEASE TITLE:Traxsource Top 100 Tracks Soulful House December 2021
GENRES:Soulful House
RELEASE DATE:2021-12-01


  1. Phil Loraine, James Hurr, Sian-Lee – Bodyswerve (feat. Sian-Lee) Michael Gray Extended Remix
  2. Full Flava, Chantay Savage – Get Down Saturday Night Terry Hunter Remix
  3. Masters At Work – It’s What We Live, It’s What We Are Made In Ibiza Studios Mix
  4. Stacy Kidd – Not Perfect Main Jazz Mix
  5. Terry Hunter, Divine Brown – Angel (Extended Mix)
  6. Mark F, DJ Crue – Not Okay Soulful Mix
  7. Arnaud D, MissFly – Honey Love Club Mix
  8. DJ Spen, Soulfuledge – Goin’ Home (To See My Savior) Kerri Chandler Vocal Mix
  9. Ja’shay – “Shout Hallelujah” Dave Lee Redemption Mix
  10. Stoim, Sulene Fleming – Give It Up Opolopo Remix
  11. Blaze, Louie Vega – Joshua’s Jam DJ ERV Rework
  12. Laroye, Humphrey – Precious Day Frankie Feliciano Vocal Mix
  13. Tracy Hamlin, DjPope – Secrets Charles Dockins Original Concept Mix
  14. Shaun Escoffery – Nature’s Call Micky More & Andy Tee Special Club Mix
  15. DJ Spen, DJ Chujo, Brandon Yancey – Perfect Timing Terry Hunter Remix
  16. Ed Ramsey, DJ Oji – Smile CDock’s Original Concept Mix
  17. Ralf GUM, Simmy – How Deep Is Your Love Ralf GUM Main Mix
  18. Fuminori Kagajo, Pete Simpson – Feels Like Gold Club Mix
  19. Thommy Davis, Neal Conway, Randy Roberts – Darlin’ Darlin’ Baby (Sweet and Tender Love) Booker T Remix
  20. Aline Rocha, Aria Lyric – Preach DJ Spen & Reelsoul Remix
  21. Billy Cobham, Novecento (Italy) – Interactive Louie Vega Remix
  22. Hallex M, Darien – Bring Back The Sun Opolopo Vocal remix
  23. IQ Musique, Kimicoh, MR KG – Love Is Here MR KG Remix – Timmy Regisford Edit
  24. Kai & Kyle, Selan – The Way It Is DJ ERV Rework
  25. White Soul Project – Ever Love 2021 Re-work (Extended Mix)
  26. Harold Matthews Jr – Peace Sean McCabe Vocal Remix
  27. Neil Pierce, Hanlei – Evolution Main Mix
  28. Ian Vaughnshay – I’m Waiting Main Mix(missing)
  29. Brian Power, Hil St. Soul, Richard Burton – Just Us The DJ Spen & Reelsoul Remix
  30. Walter G – Breathe Mark Di Meo 2am Jam Session Mix
  31. Aaron K. Gray, Reggie Steele, DJ Beloved – God Favours Me Vocal Mix
  32. Chip E, Message In The Music – Lift Me Up Todd Terry Mix
  33. Deep Soul Syndicate, Earl W. Green – Prisoner (Original Mix)
  34. Miranda Nicole – Build A Bridge Jihad Muhammed Bang The Drum Remix
  35. Thommy Davis, Neal Conway, Randy Roberts – Darlin’ Darlin’ Baby (Sweet and Tender Love) Booker T Vocal Dub
  36. Gino Strike, Earl W. Green – The One For Me Gino Strike & The Man Emotive Music Mix
  37. Stacy Kidd, Dawn Tallman, Tasha LaRae – Heaven Remixes House 4 Life Gospel Choir Mix
  38. Ed Ramsey, DJ Oji – Smile (I Can’t Get Enough) Richard Payton Remix Vocal
  39. John Morales, Thommy Davis, Carmen Brown – Was That All It Was Teddy Douglas Reproduction
  40. Neil Pierce, Hannah Khemoh – Shackles (Original Mix)
  41. Danism, Heidi Vogel – Hypnotise Tedd Patterson Extended Remix
  42. Sol Brown, Sulene Fleming – Natural High Main Mix
  43. Neapolitan Soul, Luciano Gioia, Mvelo – Madness Vocal Mix
  44. Reaction, Keith Thompson – I Found Lovin’ Eric Kupper Old Skool Wet Dub(missing)
  45. Steal Vybe, Chris Forman, Damon Bennett, Kenny Bobien – The Dance Floor Main Mix
  46. Envee, Nick Sinckler – Gotta Work 1st Take
  47. Tracy Hamlin, DjPope – You’re Puttin A Rush On Me DjPope Funkhut Alternate Unreleased Vocal
  48. Bleu Clair, Teza Sumendra – Hyperspace (feat. Teza Sumendra) (Original Mix)
  49. Bain, Kendra Glenn – Understanding Micky More & Andy Tee Cimba Mix
  50. Dj Disciple, Beatweezy – I’m A Conqueror Blackkseed Remix
  51. David Morales, Joe Roberts – Easy (Extended Mix)
  52. Babs Presents – Telling Each Others Story (Original Mix)
  53. Themba, Brenden Praise – Ashamed The Martinez Brothers Extended Remix
  54. Reverendos Of Soul – Glory Micky More & Andy Tee Classic Mix
  55. Steven Stone, 1 Luv – Set It Free Cafe 432 Remix
  56. Grace Bones – Sing It All Day (Extended Mix)
  57. Walter G – On My Skin Luis Radio Remix
  58. Neil Pierce, Tasha LaRae – Right Now (Original Mix)
  59. Antonio Ocasio – Someday You’ll Find, What You Dream About
  60. Lefunken, Tyrah – Do Right AmFlow Main Mix
  61. Tenobi – SUBLIME Main Mix
  62. Ja’shay – “Shout Hallelujah” Dave Lee Brotherhood Dub
  63. Candice Hoyes – Zoras’s Moon Natasha Diggs Remix
  64. Kim English – Treat Me Right David Morales Club Mix
  65. China Charmeleon, Miči – Slave To The Feeling
  66. Ananda Project, Terrance Downs – Where Do You Come From DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Journey Into Dubland Mix
  67. DJ Rae, David Morales – Something I’m Going Through (Extended Mix)
  68. Kelvin Sylvester, Yuki Kanesaka, Brutha Basil – Unity Soulful Vocal Mix
  69. Kenny Bobien, Wheeler del Torro – The Sun Will Shine Again Kenny Dope Remix
  70. Honeysweet – I Put A Spell On You DJ ERV Rework
  71. Thommy Davis, Neal Conway, Randy Roberts – Darlin’ Darlin’ Baby (Sweet and Tender Love) Booker T Kings Of Soul Disco Mix
  72. Ambrosia – Lean On Me Remix Joeflame Remix
  73. Cafe 432 – Homage Orginal Mix
  74. Tracy Hamlin, DjPope – Gotta Move On Kyle Kim Vocal
  75. Pete Simpson – Won’t You See Me Vocal Mix
  76. DJ Rae – Reach Sandy Rivera’s Classic Mix
  77. Danny Clark, Andrea Love – Call It Done Ralf Gum Disco Attack Mix
  78. Lady Nelly, Dav Risen – Press On (Original Mix)
  79. Lush Life, Zepherin Saint – Lush Funk
  80. Edsoul, Soulfreakah, NutownSoul – How Can I Repay Main Mix
  81. Distant People, Élan Noelle – Take Control Benson Remix
  82. Micky More, Andy Tee, Angela Johnson – Time Reel People Remix
  83. Ace Shyllon, Anaya Weathers, Ms Yazz Roar – Loves Touch (Original Mix)
  84. Marsha Bond – Meet Me On The Moon Hula Vibe Mix
  85. Wez Whynt, Earl W. Green, Jason Nicholson Porter, Nickson – You Will Know SoulLab Spiritual Vocal Mix
  86. Matt Johnson (Keyboardist), Derrick McKenzie, Roki – Interstellar Love Original (Extended Mix)
  87. Influence Peddlers – Afromental Main
  88. Gianluca Durante, Altieri – Convert Me (Original Mix)
  89. Roger Garcia, Walter G – Sunrise Of Love (Original Mix)
  90. Frankie Feliciano, Terry Dexter – No Maybe Feliciano Classic Vocal – Timmy Regisford Edit
  91. Andrew De la Foix, Nya Li – Possibility Andy & Dave Remix
  92. Reggie Steele, Christie Love – Show Ya Manoo Classic Vocal Remix
  93. Danny Clark, Andrea Love – Call It Done Doruk Özlen Vocal Mix
  94. Sebb Junior, Eric Roberson, Paula – Don’t Stop DJ Jazzy Jeff & Kaidi Tatham Remix
  95. Miguel Migs, Andy Allo – Sensations Sandy Rivera’s Classic Mix
  96. Wearing Shoes – Feel Your Groove (Original Mix)
  97. Rona Ray, Deep Soul Syndicate – Overwhelmed (Original Mix)
  98. Ash Lauryn – Life Is Back Kai Alcé Life is Sweet Interpretation
  99. Louie Vega – Deep Burnt Feat. Axel Tosca (Original Mix)
  100. Ron Hall – Talk To God ‘Bout It DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Praise Break

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