TRAXSOURCE Top 100 Soulful House of September 2022

TRAXSOURCE Top 100 Soulful House of September 2022
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RELEASE TITLE:TRAXSOURCE Top 100 Soulful House of September 2022
GENRES:Soulful House
RELEASE DATE:2022-10-03



  1. 8 Bit Society, Jaki Graham, Micky More & Andy Tee – Say It (Micky More & Andy Tee Vocal Mix) – (Foliage Records)
  2. AK Akemi Kakihara, Danny Krivit, Hex Hector – Beautiful You (Danny Krivit Re-Edit Of Hex Hector Lush Mix) – (AK NYC)
  3. Aleysha Lei, The Journey Men – Roller Coaster (Original Mix) – (Mirror Ball Recordings)
  4. Anelisa Lamola, Revival, Greg Gould, Kathy Brown, Phebe Edwards, GeO Gospel Choir – Earth Song (What About Us) (Club Mix)
  5. Anelisa Lamola, Revival, Greg Gould, Kathy Brown, Phebe Edwards, GeO Gospel Choir – Earth Song (What About Us) (Dub Mix)
  6. B-Crew – Party Thang (DJ Spen & Eric Kupper Mix)
  7. Babs Presents – Jazz Nights In E15
  8. Bassfort, Joe Clausell – Moon Shadow (Joe ‘Joaquin’ Claussell Remix)
  9. Beat Rivals, Hannah Khemoh – The Fire – (Rival Beat Records)
  10. Bizio Cool – Sensuality – (Nervous)
  11. Brian Jackson – Little Orphan Boy (Two Soul Fusion Extended Remix)
  12. Brian Power, Roachford – Got Sweet Loving (Extended)
  13. Brutha Basil, Sacha Williamson, Kelvin Sylvester – Summertime (Kelvin’s Summertime Soulful Mix) – (Brukel Music)
  14. Cafe 432, Fil Straughan – I Wont Be Waiting (Extended Soul Mix)
  15. Cafe 432, Tracey Jane Campbell – With Love (Cafe 432 Bump Remix) – (Soundstate Sessions)
  16. Cee ElAssaad, Montreea – Love Story (Deeper Version) – (Ricanstruction Brand Limited)
  17. Cee ElAssaad, Montreea – Love Story (Original Mix) – (Ricanstruction Brand Limited)
  18. Chaka Khan, Terry Hunter – Woman Like Me (Terry Hunter Club Mix) – (SoNo Recording Group)
  19. Charles Dockins – Searchin’ (CDock’s Orig. Concept Mix) – (Coco Wax)
  20. Charles Dockins – Whistle Scat Scream (CDock’s Orig. Concept Mix) – (Jazzu)
  21. D_Sol, NOVAKANE OMEGA – Deny feat. Novakane Omega (D_Sol’s Vocal Mix)
  22. David Morales, Miranda Nicole, Dorivaldo Mix, Afro Warriors – Don’t Look Away (David Morales Instrumental)
  23. Dee Jay Sound, Morris Revy – Goin’ To Get My Crown (DjPope Funkhut Main)
  24. Deep Soul Syndicate, Missfly – Bliss (Original Mix) – (Sounds Of Ali)
  25. Devon Howard, DjPope – Need To Survive (Funkhut Main) – (FunkHut Records)
  26. Din Jay – Higher (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Remix)
  27. DJ Beloved, Jerry Williams – Melodrama – (Quantize Recordings)
  28. DJ Christian B, Groove Assassin – Till You Come Back (Groove Assassin Mix) – (Groove Culture)
  29. Dj Disciple, Beatweezy, Shino Blackk – One More Chance (Shino Blackk Remix) – (Catch 22)
  30. DJ Rae, Danism, Train (UK), DTR Project – Best Days (Tedd Patterson Extended Remix)
  31. Drama, Terry Hunter – HIt My Line (Terry Hunter Remix) – (Mirror Ball Recordings)
  32. Edsoul & NutownSoul – Hamba Nami (feat. Ntokozo Mbhele)
  33. Edsoul & NutownSoul – Mina Nawe (feat. Afrotraction)
  34. Edsoul & NutownSoul – Still God (feat. Sean Be)
  35. Emmaculate feat Kaye Fox – Do It (Kenny Dope Remix)
  36. Eric Kupper, K-Scope – Blissed (Original Mix) – (Hysteria)
  37. Ezel, Rona Ray – Don’t Know Yet (Original Mix)
  38. Frankie Feliciano, Terry Dexter, Wez Whynt – No Maybe (Wez Whynt Vocal Remix)
  39. George Lesley, Obakeng, Deep Soul Syndicate – Believe In Love (Deep Soul Syndicate Mix) – (Vibe Boutique Records)
  40. Gino Strike – Broken Mirrors Feat. Sky Musique – (Nervous)
  41. Glen Horsborough, Karmina Dai – Going Strong (Richard Earnshaw Revision)
  42. Gustavo Fk & Camila Jun – Unified (Opolopo Remix) [feat. Mr. V] [Tree Sixty One]
  43. Hannah Khemoh, Alex Poet – Never Had A Love (Sebb Junior Remix)
  44. Harold Matthews Jr, Black Sonix – Deep Into My Sleep (Extended Vocal Mix) – (Good Vibrations Music)
  46. IMAANI – Found My Light (Atjazz Remix)
  47. JEROME DROUOT, Lita, Eric Kupper – I’m Not In love (Eric Kupper Remix) – (dotdotdot Records)
  48. Juan Hoerni, Chezere, Reelsoul, DJ Spen – When You Smile (Reelsoul & DJ Spen Remix) – (Cha Cha Project)
  49. Juan Laya, Jorge Montiel, Los Charly’s Orchestra, Heidi Vogel, Opolopo – Fly Me with You (Opolopo Remix) – (Imagenes)
  50. Kem, Muzikman Edition – Jesus (Muzikman Edition Blood Of Jesus Remix) – (Exemplary Music Makerz)
  51. Kenny Bobien, Wheeler del Torro – We Need Love (Doug Gomez Main Mix)
  52. Kerri Chandler, Mona Lee – Joyful Life [De Marktkantine] (Full Vocal Mix)
  53. Kings of Tomorrow – THANK YOU
  54. L’Renee, Jon Dixon – Feel Your Touch featuring L’Renee (Jimpster Remix)
  55. Lee Wilson – You (Mark Francis Extended Remix)
  56. Lenny Fontana, Vangela Crowe – Hell Yeah (David Morales NYC Club Remix) – (Karmic Power Records)
  57. Louie Vega – Seven Mile feat. Moodymann (Extended Version)
  58. Luis Radio – Get Me There [Groovebom Records]
  59. Mark Di Meo, Gary B. Poole – A Better Way (Original Mix) – (Soulstice Music)
  60. Mark Di Meo, Gary B. Poole, Reelsoul – A Better Way (Reelsoul Remix) – (Soulstice Music)
  61. Mary J. Blige, Kelly G – Good Morning Gorgeous (Kelly G Morning Pose Dub Remix [Extended Version])
  62. Melvo Baptiste – Gonna Be Alright feat. Jamie 326 feat. Annette Bowen (Extended Mix)
  63. MF Robots – The Love It Takes (Atjazz Remix)
  64. MF Robots, Two Soul Fusion – Make the Call (Two Soul Fusion House Remix)
  65. MissFly, Deep Soul Syndicate – More To Life (Deep Soul Syndicate Main Mix)
  66. Monday Michiru, Steal Vybe, Charles Dockins – Where Were You When (CDock’s Orig. Concept Remix) – (Makin Moves)
  67. Mr. Piratebrain, Leandra – It’s Time To Think About It (DJ Pope Funkhut Main)
  68. Mr. Piratebrain, Leandra – It’s Time To Think About It (Geoffrey C Remix)
  69. Neil Pierce, Hannah Khemoh – Tryna Be (Main Mix) – (Rhemi Music)
  70. Nicholas Ryan Gant – Gypsy Woman (Coflo Remix)
  71. Nya Jones, Deep Soul Syndicate – Nobody Knows (Original Mix) – (Sounds Of Ali)
  72. OPOLOPO, Roland Clark – Salvation (Extended Mix) – (Tinted Records)
  73. Pat Bedeau, Anna-Marie Johnson – My Life (Main Mix) – (Bedfunk)
  74. Prefix One, Andrea Britton – Simple Things (Vocal Mix) – (Househead London)
  75. Prefix One, Andrea Britton, Yooks – Simple Things (Yooks Remix) – (Househead London)
  76. Ralf GUM, Bongi Mvuyana, Kafele – Fix Your Love (Ralf GUM Main Mix) – (GOGO Music)
  77. Randy Peterson & Peri X – Feel Alive (Vocal)
  78. RDJ & Master Kev – Never Grow Old
  80. Reel People, Vanessa Freeman – The Light (4Phlash Rework) – (Papa Records)
  81. Roland Clark – Ordinary Man (Original Mix)
  82. Roy G. Hemmings, DJ Spen – You Got Everything To Make Me Happy (DJ Spen Remix) – (Quantize Recordings)
  83. Sean McCabe, Turbojazz, Lydia Harrell – Heard It All Before (Turbojazz & Sean McCabe Remix)
  84. Shannon Chambers – I Remember (Instrumental) [T’s Crates]
  85. Shannon Chambers – I Remember (Original) [T’s Crates]
  86. Shino Blackk – Over Joy (Blackk Vokal) – (New Generation Records)
  87. Sir LSG feat. Brian Temba – Don’t Give Up (Main Mix)
  88. Sol Brown, Lifford – Enough Is Enough (Main Mix) – (Love Stay Recordings)
  89. Soulbridge, Kathy Brown – Dance To The Rhythm Of Love (Soulful Mix) – (Soulbridge Records)
  90. Soulbridge, Kathy Brown – Someday (Soulful Mix) – (Soulbridge Records)
  91. Stacy Kidd – Little More Love (Main Jazz Mix) – (House 4 Life)
  92. Sterling Ensemble, Stige, Terry Hunter – Deeper (Terry Hunter Remix) – (Sterling Blue Music)
  93. Terry Hunter, Reelsoul, DJ Spen, Rona Ray – Warning (Original Mix) – (Quantize Recordings)
  94. The Journey Men, Mike City, Black Sonix, Sean McCabe – For The Culture (Sean McCabe & Black Sonix Remix)
  95. Tracy Hamlin, Ed Ramsey, DJ Oji, Richard Payton – Once You Get Started (Oji & Richard Payton’s Alt Vocal Mix)
  96. Wez Whynt, Don Luciano – Keep The Faith (Original Mix) – (Raising Records)
  97. Yooks, Nevada Cato – Let’s Do it ! (The Journey Men Remix)
  98. Yooks, Rona Ray – So Wrong (Original Mix) – (Infinity Music Recordings)

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