TRAXSOURCE Top 100 Soulful House of December 2023

TRAXSOURCE Top 100 Soulful House of December 2023
Download TRAXSOURCE Top 100 Soulful House of December 2023
RELEASE TITLE:TRAXSOURCE Top 100 Soulful House of December 2023
GENRES:Soulful House
RELEASE DATE:2024-01-04



  1. Anthony Nicholson – MOONDANCING (The Rejoice)
  2. Barbara Tucker, The BCrew – Grace (Emmaculate Dub Danny Krivit Edit)
  3. Chiffon Zoo, Rona Ray – Answers (Soulmekanikz Remix)
  4. Cody Currie, Cor.Ece – Hot Water (Original Mix)
  5. Cor.Ece, Dave Giles II, Ezel – Possibly Impossible (Ezel Dub)
  6. Corey Holmes, Wakeel Ali – Exactly Like You
  7. Curtis Hairston – I Want You All Tonight (DJ Spen & Michele Chiavarini Remix)
  8. Daisuke Miyamoto – Long Ride (Original Mix)
  9. Dam Swindle – That’s Right (Original Mix)
  10. Danny Clark – Jazz The House (Main Mix)
  11. DaSoul, Morris Revy – As Long As You Love Me (Original Mix)
  12. Dav Risen – To Worship You (Main Mix)
  13. David Bailey, Missfly – You Don’t Know (Underground Project Extended Mix)
  14. David Morales, Georgia Cee – INTO THE GROOVE (Original Mix)
  15. Deep Zone, Ceybil Jefferies – It’s Gonna Be Alright (Help Is On The Way) (Crackazat Extended Remix)
  16. Detroit Rising – Rocket Love (Jimpster Remix)
  17. Digital Native (BDM), Pastor Jason Hendrickson – Goodness Praise Break (Main)
  18. Distant People feat. Stephanie Cooke – Send Me (Reelsoul Full Length Mix)
  19. Dj Wady, Kike Fernandez – Blessing (original Mix)
  20. DJ Wady, Kike Fernandez – Bossa (Original Mix)
  21. DJ Wady, Kike Fernandez – Love Affair (Original Mix)
  22. Edsoul, Dannis Winston, Frankie Feliciano – Erased Me (Feliciano Classic Mix)
  23. Emmaculate, Zernell – Holy Ghost Power (South Side Gospel Mix)
  24. Eric Kupper – Chosen One (Original Mix)
  25. Eric Kupper – Kush (Original Mix)
  26. Eric Kupper – Question My Love (Original Mix)
  27. Ezel, Rona Ray – Take Me Home (Original Mix)
  28. Frankie Feliciano, The RMX – In My SPACE (Vocal RMX)
  29. Freeez, Dr Packer – Southern Freeez (Dr Packer Extended Mix)
  30. Gary Hudgins, DJ Spen – Quintessential Christmas (DJ Spen’s Original Mix)
  31. Girls of the Internet, Anelisa Lamola – Affirmations (Live From Battery Studios)
  32. Harold Matthews Jr, Black Sonix – Deep Into My Sleep (Sean McCabe Remix)
  33. House Gospel Choir, MORGAN (UK) – Angels (Crackazat Remix)
  34. Jackman Jones, Ed Ramsey, Laroye – Live Your Life (Laroye Remix)
  35. Jamie 326, Melvo Baptiste, Annette Bowen – Gonna Be Alright (Jamie 326 & Danou P DiscoTek Extended Remix)
  36. John Khan, Paul Lyons – You Are My Reason (After Hours Mix)
  37. Johnny Malek – I Promise (Original Mix)
  38. Julius Papp – Miracle (feat. Lisa Shaw) (Extended Afro Mix)
  39. Karizma, Nicholas Ryan Gant – Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless) (Coflo Soulful Mix)
  40. Lavonz – Reason For Love (Yoruba Soul Mix)
  41. Lee Genesis – Ya Can’t Separate Me (I’m Determined) (Sean McCabe Dub)
  42. Lee Genesis – Ya Can’t Separate Me (I’m Determined) (Sean McCabe Vocal Extended Mix)
  43. Lenny Fontana, Mich – Come On Over (Club Mix)
  44. Louie Vega, Cindy Mizelle, Elements Of Life, Fonzi Thornton, Patricia Lacy – Holidaze (Original Mix)
  45. Louie Vega, Nico Vega – How He Works (feat. Nico Vega) (Cee ElAssaad Remix)
  46. Luis Radio, Earl W. Green – All You Got (Original Mix)
  47. Mark Lewis – Forever (Vocal)
  48. Mark Lewis – Ours (Flow Culture Vocal Mix)
  49. Maurice Joshua, First Sundays – Fly Away (Take Me To Church Mix)
  50. Melchyor A – Drifting Away (Melchyor A’S Touch Version)
  52. micFreak & Angelica de No – Angel (DJ Spen & Michele Chiavarini Re-Edit)
  53. MicFreak, Masmin – Vision (Masaki Morii Remix)
  54. MicFreak, Masmin – Vision (Original Mix)
  55. Michael Gray, Anthony Poteat, LaMay – Never Let You Down (Extended Mix) [Sultra Records]
  56. Michael Gray, Tatiana Owens – Invincible (Original Mix)
  57. Michele Chiavarini, Carmichael MusicLover – Express Yourself – 2023 MC Makeover feat. Carmichael Musiclover (Main Mix)
  58. Mothers Favorite Child & Saeeda Wright – Dance For Me (Ezel Remix)
  59. Muzikman Edition – 3D Galaxy (Muzikman Edition Original)
  60. Muzikman Edition, Tweety – Inkululeko (Freedom) (Vocal)
  61. Pat Bedeau, Cleveland Jones – Wake Up (SoulLab Main Remix)
  62. R & R, Randy Roberts, Richard Burton, Kasper Burnstein, Thommy Davis, DJ Spen – Just Another Day (Original Mix)
  63. Randy Roberts, DJ Spen, Thommy Davis – The Question Is (Original Extended Mix)
  64. Rhemi, Hanlei, Cafe 432 – Diamond (Cafe 432 Remix)
  65. Risk Assessment – POWER (Original Mix)
  66. Risk Assessment, Monica Blaire – It’s Not Right But It’s Okay (Grant Nelson Remix)
  67. Rona Ray, Mark Lewis – Groovin’ To Myself (Mark Lewis Remix)
  68. Rony Breaker, Lee Wilson – Train 64 (Richard Earnshaw Sugarsoul Extended Mix)
  69. Sean McCabe, Harold Matthews Jr – This Place (Glenn Underground Remix)
  70. Shino Blackk – Kept (Corey Holmes Remix)
  71. Sio, China Charmeleon – Little Me (Extended Mix)
  72. Soulface, Venuz Beats, Rona Ray, Kelvin Sylvester – Vogue (Kelvin Sylvester Mix)
  73. Soulfreakah – A cure for heartache. (Original Mix)
  74. Soulista, Tracy Hamlin – Invitation (Extended Mix)
  75. Steal Vybe, Chris Forman, Damon Bennett – 6 Mins Of Time (Deeper Soul Dub)
  76. Sudad G – Livin’ in the Light (Extended Mix)
  77. Tee Smith ft Emily Holligan – Keep On Going (Spen & Reelsoul Remix)
  78. Tee Smith, Emily Holligan – Keep On Going (Spen & Reelsoul Remix)
  79. Terry Dexter & Sweet Georgie – Come Find Me (Eric Kupper Mix) (Eric Kupper Mix)
  80. Terry Dexter, Frankie Feliciano – With You (Feliciano Classic Vocal Mix)
  81. Terry Hunter, Mike Dunn, Josh Milan – Git On Up (Club Mix)
  82. The Shapeshifters – Back To Basics (Director Cut Signature Mix)
  83. Timmy Regisford – LOVE (VOCAL MIX)
  84. Ultra Nate – UNBREAKABLE (DJ Spen & Michele Chiavarini Remix)
  85. WAHM (FR) – Another Star (Original Mix)
  86. Walter G – Slide To The Rhythm (Original Mix)
  87. Wez Whynt & Hannah Khemoh – Vibe (Reelsoul Vocal Mix)
  88. Wez Whynt, Cleo Simone – Let Me Know (Afro Mix)
  89. Wez Whynt, Cleo Simone – Let Me Know (Original Mix)
  90. Wipe The Needle & Venuz Beats x Shezar x JayBay – We Shall Overcome (Vocal Mix)
  91. Wipe The Needle, Josh Milan – Tenderly (Karizma K2 Edit) [Makin’ Moves]
  92. Wipe the Needle, Syren Rivers – The Way (WTN Vocal Mix)

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